Become a Beautiful You Life Coach

Have you been thinking about studying to become a certified life coach?

If so, I highly recommend training through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.

On this page I share my experience in becoming a certified Beautiful You life coach and undertaking their training.

I also share my three bonus package options for those who sign up to the Beautiful You Life Coach Course using my name as a referral – including 1) a voucher to use toward 1-on-1 life + business coaching with me; 2) access to the Gentle Business Mastermind; OR 3) access to Developing Coach Collective.

What is the Beautiful You Life Coach course?

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy says that the course is for “people who want to make a difference, see others grow and shine, work with people they love and feel connected to – and yes – create their own business and a life they love.”

The Academy was founded by certified coach and clinical counsellor Julie Parker. The six month online program not only teaches you how to become a heart-centred and skilled life coach, but also how to build a business you love.

Learn more about the Beautiful You life coach course and specific modules here.

My personal story

In 2014, I became a certified Beautiful You life coach. I remember how excited but terrified I was when I first enrolled in the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. It was a big commitment – financially and in myself, my schedule, and my intuition too.

At the time, I was working for the Australian Government and couldn’t decide between a career path in psychology, counselling or academia. I never once thought I would pursue a career as a life coach.

One morning whilst on maternity leave and researching course options, I stumbled across the pink Beautiful You life coach website. It was so different to anything I had ever seen before. It wasn’t dry or clinical. It had heart. Personality. It made me feel how I wanted my future clients to feel.

My government and academic biased brain told me to get the Master of Psychology, as nobody would take a ‘Beautiful You life coach’ seriously.  But my heart had fallen in love.

Something about the Beautiful You life coach course, and the people who created it, felt right. So I decided to take what at the time felt like a risk. I would listen to my heart. A certified Beautiful You life coach I would become.

Fast forward to the end of the six month course…

I had quit my Australian Government job. I had launched my beautiful website. I was blogging regularly and being featured on external websites and media. I had paying clients. I felt like I was living ‘on purpose’. And for the first time in a long time, I felt clear about how I could be of use to others in a career I loved.

Now, I have even won International Coach of the Year and have been named as a finalist in countless awards. I’ve been featured in copious media, been referred to as a ‘local identity’, ‘gentle powerhouse’ and ‘megastar’ – and have even been featured on the cover of inspired COACH magazine. I have also coached 100s of clients with glowing reviews and results – and am still ABSOLUTELY LOVING this work today.

Why did I love the Beautiful You Life Coach course?

There are so many reasons why I loved the Beautiful You life coach course, but I will restrain myself and only share the below handful.

  • I was taught how to coach clients through an impactful coaching series. This included receiving ‘scripts’ and templates to help get started with clients.
  • I was taught how to establish an online life coaching business. Module topics included: writing website content, social media, getting testimonials, list building, branding, and public speaking. This helped me gets started in the world of business and coaching.
  • I was given opportunities to practice coaching my peers in a way that felt ‘safe’ before leaping out into ‘real world’ coaching. As a result, I felt comfortable coaching ‘pro bono’ clients and even engaged my first paying client before finishing the course.
  • I met some wonderful coaches who have become cherished friends and have found myself collaborating with a number of them in programs too.
  • The Beautiful You team were great! The CEO Julie Parker is magnetic. Her energy and insight during the program was inspiring, insightful and informative. 
  • I learned so much about myself personally and professionally. I found clarity on what I wanted to do with my life and business. And I suddenly knew that my big dreams were not only possible, but would become a reality.

  • I was able to become a certified Beautiful You Life Coach and have my profile listed on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy website. The procurement of clients through this website traffic led to me recouping my financial investment in the course.

Want to ask me more about the course?

I offer free 30 minute teleconference or videoconference calls for those who are thinking about signing up for the Beautiful You Life Coach Course through my referral link.

On these calls, we can talk about your hopes and aspirations, and I can answer any questions you might have about my experience of the course and/or my affiliate bonus options.

I love meeting potential Beautiful You coaches and it would be a real treat to chat with you!

Important details

Give Back Policy:

I invest in a KIVA Loan for every person who joins the Beautiful You coaching course through me. By working together and becoming a coach, you will not only be investing in your own big dreams, but will also be helping Kiva borrowers create opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities. 

Important details:

  • In order to receive one of the bonus offers on this page, you must enter MY NAME ( please include my first and last, Naomi Arnold) in the CODE field of the order page and they will then attribute your registration to me. If you do not add my name into the CODE field, the Beautiful You team will be unable to identify that you have enrolled through me, and you will miss out on my bonuses.
  • You will not receive your bonus until after the refund period has lapsed for the course. When I have received notification that you are still enrolled in the course beyond the refund period, I will email you about receiving your bonus. You will get to choose one of the three options offered on this page.
  • When you enter my name into the CODE field of the order page, I will likely receive a commission following the refund period. This is how I can afford to offer these wonderful bonus options – essentially the Beautiful You Coaching Academy will pay me to give them too you!
  • If for some reason, we decide to close the Gentle Business Mastermind or Developing Coach Collective, we will let you know as soon as this is known and let you know what alternative options there are in terms of bonuses.

  • If you have any questions about my affiliate package or experience with the Beautiful You life coach course please email my team and I at hello(at)naomiarnold(dot)com. Alternatively, you can book a free chat to discuss my experience with BYCA, ask any questions, and talk about my affiliate package options with me via videoconference here.

While working with Naomi, I went from feeling overwhelmed and stuck with all there was to do, to feeling comfortable, happy and content with my business and forward plan. I saw my confidence grow and self-doubt diminish. I would absolutely 100% recommend coaching with Naomi! She is a SHINING LIGHT for so many of us.

Erica Carrico

Career + Life Purpose Coach

I can’t believe the amount of progress I made and what I accomplished while working with Naomi. She kepy me moving forward with kindness and encouragement. I would definitely recommend Naomi – she is a wealth of knowledge and worked with me in a way that helped me understand that others have been in my shoes and my goals ARE accomplishable.

Marnie Pauly

Life Coach

A lot has changed since I started coaching with Naomi. I created an e-course and started a new site. I have a whole new feel for how I want my business to look and feel. I’m much more driven, focused and organized. I felt supported the whole time and at the end was amazed at how far we had come.

Juli Andrada

Naomi is a GENTLE POWERHOUSE. Sounds like an oxymoron. She has a sensitivity for people, struggles, joys, inner and outer work. She invites her clients to engage in bold, purposeful and inspired action – and to keep at it. I would without hesitation recommend that people work with Naomi.

Naomi Morrow

Life & Creativity Coach

Naomi is all heart. Her incredible experience, knowledge, enthusiasm + ability to listen was a formidable combination that made me feel empowered and like I could truly make my dreams a reality. This woman is the real deal, and I would recommend her time and time again to anyone launching a heart-centred online business

Ellie Swift

Mindset & Marketing Coach

At the end of working with Naomi, I had achieved everything that I set out to do + more. I felt more in control of what I was doing as I could see the big picture unfold in front of me. My colleagues + family also noticed the momentum that I was experiencing and the huge progress I was making in such a short space of time. Naomi is a truly beautiful person with an incredible talent to nurture and expand your thinking. Her compassionate style of coaching creates a trusting space, allowing me to open up + be brave. The email support she provided in between sessions was invaluable as it helped me progress even further. Naomi knows how to challenge you to achieve just that little bit more, whilst holding a caring + supportive space. She is a true inspiration to me and I would recommend working with her to anyone serious about making change.

Julie Swan

As my coach, Naomi really held space for me and I loved working with her. I went from being quite fearful of launching my coaching website to being weeks from launch by the end of our time together. Naomi helped me immensely with getting my coaching business up and running, offering practical advice and real-life examples from her own business. I felt she held me accountable but also let me go at my own pace which was wonderful.

Georgie Bryant

Where the Light Plays

Naomi helped me truly own what I want to be doing business wise and break down what seemed like a massive endeavor into bit size, actionable steps. I worked through a lot of fears with her and made the leap of owning my passion and putting it out there for the world to see. She helped give me clarity on things that were keeping me stuck and finally got me taking real ACTION.

Ana Sanson

Life + Wellness Coach

Just before finishing my coaching series with Naomi, I launched my website, became far more organised, and put structures in place to get up and running. Then when I began to feel overwhelmed, we put even more structures in place to help with this! I love everything Naomi does with her talents, engaging others to know their strengths and engaging in the world for change. It truly is an inspiration. Naomi is going to be a world changer, this I know for sure.

Fleur Knowles

Coach for those who care for children

I couldn’t have made so much progress without Naomi’s support and guidance. I’m now very clear on my message and about to click ‘publish’ on my website. Naomi is present and kind, combined with knowledgeable and supportive. I really enjoyed our time together and she was a fantastic support for my blossoming business!

Jasmine Patten

Business + Self Care Coach

Head on over to Naomi’s testimonials page to read many more glowing reviews from happy clients. >>>


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